Is Kamala Fit For The Vice Presidency?

Manchin to Join GOP?

In a surprising turn of events, Republican Senator John Cornyn told reporters that he reached out to Democrat Senator Joe Manchin and told him to join the Republican Party.

Manchin has been under immense fire after he blocked President Biden’s Build Back Better legislation.

According to KXAN, Cornyn sent a text message to Sen. Manchin and wrote, “Joe if they don’t want you we do,” however Manchin does not appear to have replied back to Cornyn.

When asked more about his exchange with Manchin, Cornyn replied, “I don’t know what he will decide to do. But I do know West Virginia has gotten increasingly red. … So, yeah, we’d love to have him. That would change the majority.”

Currently, the Senate is split 50-50, however Vice President Kamala Harris tips the scale in the Democrat party’s favor which gives them full control.

If Manchin was to leave the Democrat party and join the GOP, the Republican party would be in power with 51-49 majority making Senator Mitch McConnell the Senate Majority Leader.

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