Is Kamala A Better VP Than Pence?

Dem Hurls Outrageous Accusation At Republicans

Recently on CNN, Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) attacked Republicans once again and said they are trying to “make it harder to vote and easier to steal an election.”

According to Breitbart, CNN’s Jake Tapper said, “The Texas Senate just passed this morning sweeping new voting restrictions, a bill to ban drive-thru voting, new rules how judges can overturn elections. Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer says he will bring up Democrats sweeping voting rights legislation for a vote next month, but there are not 60 votes to pass it. So what are you going to do, and what’s your reaction to the Texas law?”

Jeffries replied, “Well, the Texas law is shameful, and Republicans clearly in Texas and throughout the country want to make it harder to vote and easier to steal an election. That is the only way to I could interpret the voter suppression epidemic that we see working its way from one state Georgia to Arizona to Texas and all across the country in so many different ways.”

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