Is Biden's Vaccine Mandate Impacting The Work Force?

VIDEO: Biden Did WHAT To Female Senator

President Biden and other top Democrats such as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have expressed little to no care about Democrat Senator Kyrsten Sinema being aggressively targeted and bullied by liberals when she is in public. Simena has been getting targeted over her choice to NOT support his massive spending bills and it has happened again.

According to Newsweek, Sinema was recently targeted by an angry liberal at the airport as she was walking with two men. In the clip, which has now gone viral, Sen. Sinema is approached by a woman who is trying to pressure her into voting for Biden’s spending bill and Sinema who appears visibly uncomfortable can be heard sternly saying “Don’t touch me!” as the women continues to press her.


This isn’t the first Sinema has been targeted, recently she was chased into a bathroom stall by angry liberals. President Biden appears to enjoy the harassment of Senator Sinema and has even in the past claimed that inappropriate actions like this were just “part of the process.”


Biden should completely disavow the bullying and harassment of Senators Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin but sadly refuses to.

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