Is Biden Protecting Our Police?

Biden Suffers Total Mental Collapse On Stage

President Joe Biden left the audience speechless after he shockingly mumbled for a whopping 40 seconds on camera while speaking to CNN’s Don Lemon during a recent town hall event.

According to Trending Politics, Biden said, “Just like the other question that’s illogical…and, I’ve heard you speak about it, because you alway-, I’m not being solicitous, but you’re always straight up about what you’re doing. The question is whether or not we should be in a position where, um, you uh, why can’t the…the…the experts say, we know that this virus is in fact, uh um, it’s going to be, excuse me, we we know why all the drugs are approved but permanently approved,” Biden said.

YIKES! That was a tough read.

Here is the clip of Biden’s embarrassing breakdown:

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