Is Biden Doing Enough To Stop Illegals From Entering The U.S.?

Biden PANICS, Illegals REJECT Offer

A massive migrant caravan with several thousands of people is headed directly to the U.S.-Mexico border and some new information has the Biden Administration panicking.

According to Fox News, The Mexican National Institute of Migration alerted the American press that Mexico offered humanitarian visas to women and children in the caravan. However, leaders of the caravan rejected Mexico’s offer and continued to march forward towards the southern border.

They appear know that President Biden is going to let them in! The United States is about to flooding with an unprecedented amount of new illegals.

Apparently, Reuters was told by one of the leaders of the caravan that they did not trust Mexican authorities because they were lied to in the past and had to report to government shelters.

Currently, the migrant caravan is stationed in Ulapa and they travel during the night to stay out of the scorching daytime heat. There are approximately 4,000 migrants in the current caravan and a little more than one-fourth of these people are children sever or younger.

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