Is America's Future DOOMED Under Biden?

Is Biden Infected? See Video and Decide

President Biden and the Democrats have been pushing insane covid mandates on the American people and now, new video has people both angry and concerned about Biden’s health.

After give a long-winded speech that was totally incoherent and confusing, President Biden concerned Americans when he coughed into his hand on camera and then angered people by disgustingly deciding to shake the hands of multiple people immediately after!

Fox’s Tucker Carlson relentlessly mocked Biden after the incident and suggested that he was super-spreader and a danger to the American people because he could have been knowingly spreading covid by shaking hands.


Carlson also raised concern about Biden’s health and noted that he has taken more vacations than Donald Trump, Barack Obama or George W. Bush during the same period when they were in office. Biden has spent 107 out of his first 275 days in office at his vacation homes.

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