Is America Failing Under Biden?

BREAKING: Biden Said WHAT About Female Senator?

Let’s be honest, we all knew that President Biden had somewhat questionable morals, however what he just said was extremely inappropriate.

During a recent press briefing, President Biden was asked about female Senator Kyrsten Sinema being chased down and forced into a bathroom at Arizona State University over her stance on the massive spending package and Biden shockingly claimed that it was all just “part of the process.”

So Biden really believes a scared female Senator being chased into a bathroom by activists and locking herself in a stall was a good thing?

One reporter asked Biden “Do you think that those tactics are crossing a line?” 

Biden acknowledged it was wrong but rather than condemning the actions of the activists, Biden said it was all part of the process!

Here is the original video of Sen. Sinema being confronted by activists:

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