Has Biden Put America In A Bad Place?

Biden Screws Over Helpless Americans

President Joe Biden has turned this Afghanistan withdrawal into a complete and total disgrace that will go down in the history books.

If everything he has done wasn’t already bad enough, the Biden Administration is now claiming that there are several hundred more Americans, on top of the already 250 that haven’t been evacuated, that simply “didn’t want to leave.

Something smells fishy. What Americans wouldn’t want to leave a country that was taken over by the Taliban putting their own lives in danger?

In a recent interview with MSNBC, Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby claimed that he still didn’t know the exact number of Americans stranded in Afghanistan but there were several other Americans who didn’t want to leave.

According to Breitbart, Kirby stated, “I don’t think there’s an exact figure, Willie. We believe we got the vast, vast majority of American citizens out, something to the tune of 6,000 of them. And we think it’s probably in the low hundreds that are still there, and there were also several hundred others that didn’t want to leave.”

How can Kirby claim to not know the exact number of Americans stranded in Afghanistan but also know that there are several hundred others who don’t want to leave?

Kirby also tried to damage control in one interview and suggested that Americans being stranded in other countries was a normal thing that “happens all the time.” SHEESH!


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