Has Biden Made America WORSE?

BREAKING: Trump Speaks On Biden’s Afghan Disaster

During a recent interview with Fox Business, former President Donald Trump spoke about President Biden’s mishandling of the Afghanistan situation and called it the single most embarrassing moment in U.S. history.

According to Breitbart, Trump stated, “It is a mess like nobody has ever seen. It’s the most embarrassing moment in our country and our country’s history. It’s a military defeat. It’s a psychological defeat. Russia, China, Kim Jong-un, North Korea, everybody, they’re all watching this disaster, and they’re laughing at us and having a good time. Europe is laughing. Europe has been very tough to deal with. Europe is as bad as China in many ways in terms of trade, certainly in terms of ripping us off on the military, and Europe is watching this, and they are laughing. They are all laughing. It’s not funny for us, but it’s funny for them. Too bad. So badly handled.”

Trump then outlined a plan that Biden should have followed to prevent this disaster.

“It’s crazy what they’re doing and what they’re suggesting,” Trump continued. “But you’ve got to get your people out, and you’ve got to get them out first. Then, you take your equipment out, and after you take your equipment out, you bomb the hell out of the ports so nobody else can use them — because I was going to do that. I said I want everyone one of these ports — it’ll take a plane two hours — and you bomb the hell out of them. Now, they’re being used by the Taliban. It’s not even believable.”

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