Has Biden Made America A Laughing Stock?

Trump Supporters Told To Leave America

Recently on MSNBC, known Trump-hater and “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough suggested to Trump supporters to accept America the way it was or “leave it.”

According to Breitbart, Scarborough stated, “[I] grew up having liberal professors, having liberal teachers, having liberals in the media, having liberals everywhere say America is in decline, it’s going to collapse. You know, I remember in seventh grade, my seventh-grade teacher saying America is going the way of the Roman Empire. And I thought back on that through the years, and I said, ‘Oh, poor, poor liberal.’ Now, we wake up … 40 years later and remember ‘America — love it or leave it?’ Like, everybody I know had those bumper stickers because the left hated the FBI, the left hated the CIA, the left hated the police, the left hated the military. That’s what we all believed; we would get the radicals saying this and that. I feel like saying that to Trumpists. America, love it or leave it.”

Scarborough then said, “The FBI who fights to protect and defend us, well, Trump Republicans, they’re responsible for 1/6. They attacked the CIA. I could go on and on. They attack a 40-year veteran of the United States military who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. It’s just — you name it, they hate it — all the institutions that we conservatives were supposed to be protecting against the radical left.”

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