Does Pelosi Need To Be Locked Up For Treason?

Democrats Reveal Ominous Plan

Recently on MSNBC, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) admitted that Democrats are using this pandemic to reshape the true meaning of infrastructure.

According to Breitbart, Warren stated, “Infrastructure is about helping people get to work and helping businesses thrive because they’ve got workers. We build roads and bridges to do that. We invest in broadband to do that. We need to invest in childcare to do that. Millions of women are out of the workplace right now, and one out of four says the reason I can’t get childcare. We were in a crisis before the pandemic hit. It only got worse during the pandemic. This is our chance to expand our idea of what infrastructure means. Give women who want to work a real chance in the workplace.”

While Warren’s words sound promising true Conservatives know this is their plan to enact ridiculous policies that will cripple true Americans.

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