Do You Want Biden To Step Down?

Biden Getting Slapped With New Lawsuit?

President Biden looks like he is going to be having to deal with yet another lawsuit. This time, Job Creators Network president and CEO Alfredo Ortiz is threatening to sue President Biden and his administration because of Biden’s vaccine mandates on small businesses.

Ortiz is demanding Biden to drop his mandate targeted toward small businesses because he believes most small businesses are still suffering from the pandemic and issuing more mandates on them will only make their problems even worse.

In transcript provided by Breitbart, Ortiz tore into Biden and said, “As you know, Brian, we’re ready to sue the administration as soon as this hits. We’re hoping that actually, the president realizes that this is just a nonstarter, really, this is a major issue for our small businesses, and that they reverse course on this because, again, they are getting a tremendous amount of feedback, just like you said.”

Ortiz continued, “I mean, this is impacting health care workers. I mean, I have seen, you know, doctors being escorted out of hospitals by security. I mean, this thing is absolutely ridiculous, and this is going to impact everything. I mean, think about just the supply chain issues and, you know, the things we are facing. These companies that might have to let go 20, 30% of their workforce if they are a small business or face $14,000 fines. I mean, this is ridiculous. These small businesses are still suffering from post-pandemic. We did a monthly monitor, and we show that only 10% of small businesses have really actually recovered from the pandemic, so this is the last thing they need to deal with.”


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