Do You Approve of What President Biden Has Done?

Biden Has Another Mental Breakdown On Camera

After Hurricane Ida ravaged the state of Louisiana, President Biden decided to visit the state to “assess the damages” and speak to the people of the state.

Biden accidentally made another viral video after his speech when he began to wander off in the completely wrong direction when with over a dozen staffers surrounding him and shouting at him to walk in the other direction.

According to Trending Politics, Biden said, “Folks, Hurricane Ida is another reminder that we need to be prepared for the next hurricane. And superstorms are going to come and they’re going to come more frequently and more ferociously.”

“You’ve got to be frustrated about the restoration of power,” Biden said, “and I understand.”

Then as Biden, who looked very confused, began walking in the completely wrong direction you can hear staffers saying, “This way, sir,” Biden ignores them and continue to wander off in the completely wrong direction!


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