Did Biden Humiliate America At The G7 Summit?

Desperate CNN Defends Feeble Biden

In a crazy move, CNN’s Fareed Zakaria claimed that the world preferred Biden who was “boring” at the G7 Summit rather than watching President Donald Trump’s “circus freak show.”

According to Breitbart, Zakaria stated, “This was a huge reset, I mean, to begin with, and I hate to admit this, Biden’s press conference was in comparison to his predecessor, a little boring. You know, his predecessor, Donald Trump’s press conferences, particularly after meetings like the G7, were a freak show. They were a circus. You didn’t know whether he was about to blow up the alliance, you didn’t know whether he was about to announce that the United States was withdrawing, was going to impose new sanctions on his closest allies in the world.”

He then said, “What Biden presented was something much more predictable, but I that in a very positive sense. What the world needs from the United States is stable, predictable leadership, and what he provided was that.”

Zakaria continued, “Predictable, traditional, maybe a little boring, but I think we know which way the world prefers it, a United States that, in a perfectly normal, predictable way, tries to end up solving a bunch of global problems, or as I say, the circus freak show we had for the last four years.”

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