Should All Of The Charges Against Trump Be Overturned?

CNN Flips On Biden, Reports Truth

Erin Burnett, an anchor at CNN, acknowledged that the recent disclosures indicating that individuals in the Biden family were given more than one million dollars from sources associated with President Biden’s son’s Chinese business partners look very bad for the beleaguered Hunter Biden and his relatives, who are currently under investigation by government authorities for purported corruption.

According to Fox, on a recent broadcast of “Erin Burnett OutFront” on CNN, the host mentioned financial records that were subpoenaed by the House Oversight Committee. These records revealed that funds from Joe Biden’s son had been transferred to multiple members of the Biden family, such as James Biden and the widow of Beau Biden.

Erin Burnett questioned her guest Ryan Goodman about the disclosures and conceded that an average person who sees these payments would likely view them as “very bad.”

The financial documents that Erin Burnett referenced were initially disclosed by Republican Representative James Comer, who chairs the House Oversight Committee. Comer obtained the records by issuing a subpoena for Bank of America’s financial records.

According to a report by Fox News Digital on Thursday, the financial records revealed that “at least three members” of the Biden family had received substantial payments from a bank account linked to Robinson Walker, who is a business associate Biden’s son.

As per the financial records, State Energy HK Limited, a Chinese corporation, transferred $3 million to “Robinson Walker, LLC” following Joe Biden’s departure from the Vice President’s office.

According to a memo from the House Committee, subsequent to the $3 million transfer from State Energy HK Limited to Robinson Walker, LLC, the Biden family members and their associated entities started receiving additional payments, spread out over approximately three months.

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