Biden's Spending Bill Doing More For Illegals Than Americans, Are You Worried?

Biden SINKS To New Low, Even CNN Speechless

The economic numbers just came in for the United States under President Biden’s leadership and things are worse than anyone could have expected.

They are so bad in fact that the folks over at CNN were left speechless when they saw that the U.S. GDP has grown by just a measly 2% in quarter three. That’s shockingly bad and even CNN couldn’t hold back their feelings even though they fully endorse President Biden and his poor leadership skills.

it’s important to know that economists already expected the growth to not be good for the third quarter. However a shocking low of just 2% is incredibly poor.

“Breaking news! Brand new GDP numbers released just moments ago,” the CNN host said with excitement.

“I’ve got no idea what they are, but chief business correspondent Christine Romans does!”

“2%”, Romans sadly said.

“OOOOOH”, responded the CNN host who appeared totally shocked. Romans then attempted to do damage control for Biden and began listing off a long set of excuses as to why the numbers were so pathetically low.


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